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Vishwakarandak 2017

Vishwakarandak 2k17 is one of the most glorious events, VIT Pune witnesses in the first semester, every year. With the college filled with an air of enthusiasm and talents, it is an interdepartmental war where all the branches of VIT compete to win the enthralling "Vishwakarandak".
It consists of a great deal of events divided under the Extra-Curricular events, Technical events, Sport events and the Social events. Thus, it is one of the most greatest platforms where the students get an opportunity to explore & enhance their talents in every way. VIT also takes pride in having a trail of versatile students who can excel in all fields simultaneously.
The Extra-Curricular events are usually the ones which keep the audiences on the edge of their chairs, throughout!
The Technical events are a proof of what VIT is capable of, when its best brains come together.
The Sports events bring out the heat and sweat of the students to ensure the development of an all-round personality.
The Social events depict that VIT spreads in all dimensions, to make the world, a better place to live in.
Every year, Vishwakarandak has achieved new pinnacles, and has broken its own records! Every Vishwakarandak is a challenge to the upcoming one.


VISHWAKARANDAK 2k17 is about the show, the spectacle, the visceral technical knowledge that appeals to the primal winning instincts, dormant in all of us. The technical team of Vishwakarandak presents 8 massive tech-related events, which are ready to make you wear your technical caps. Our four flagship events are designed to challenge the techno-geeks. C-Athlon and Bytecode are some programming events which are designed efficiently to push your logic and coding talent to its upper limit. LogicX will test you in the areas of logic gates and electronic components. For all the pure mechanical techies, Vishwakarandak gives you the platform to prove your designing skills in yet another major event named CATIA. So prepare your weapons and armor because it’s going to be war between Minds.



The Extra-Curricular Team of VIT, Pune has been one of the crown jewels of the Institute's cultural, art and literary activities. Mere technical knowledge is not enough for the overall growth of the youth and a platform that would showcase the talents of students in various fields is needed. The remarkable skill of expressing yourself and convincing people of your innovative ideas is a must. Vishwakarandak 2k17 presents six massive events. This comprises of 'Painting', 'Debate', 'Extempore', 'Poetic Verse Recitation', ' Quiz', 'Movie Making', 'One Act Play' in English as well as Marathi. Literary events like 'Hard talk' bring out the opinions of the youth and nurture their social and interactive skills. Events such as 'Snap hunt' not only make the participant think and act quickly but also develop a feeling of competitiveness and physical endurance against time. 'Footloose' and 'V-rock' are electrifying auditorium events in which students showcase their dance and music skills. Get ready and act smartly because - IT'S A WAR BETWEEN ALL CREATIVE MINDS!!!


VISHWAKARANDAK 2k17 presents the fantastic world of VIT SOCIALS which comes up with seven spectacular events, every year. Social work is the art of listening and the science of hope. It is an initiative for doing our bit towards upliftment of the society. Some of the grand events are 'GO GREEN', an activity that includes development and improvisation of a given area, 'PATHNATYA' aka street play, which is used as an instrument for creating awareness about causes that matter. 'SANKRAMAN' is where a student can express his or her views on social events freely. The motive behind these social events is - IF YOU BELIEVE IN IT, THEN FIGHT FOR IT!!!


Sports is not only about playing and having fun, but it is also about nurturing sportsmanship and leadership qualities. Sports builds up a character, for an all round development. Vishwakarandak 2k17 includes Cricket, Football, Chess, Kabaddi, Carrom, Volleyball, Badminton, Tug-Of-War and a lot more to get excited about. Students from each department compete individually, or as a team to bring out the best in them.
We build our own Saina Nehwal, Saniya Mirza and Vishwanathan Anand out of the talent, here at VIT.